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The best place to stay in Winter Park!


Winter Park, Colorado has everything you love about the winter: skiing (alpine and Nordic!), skating, dog-sledding, snowshoeing, tubing, snowmobiling, and… biking?

That’s right, BIKING! If you didn’t know, “fatbikes” are the hottest new winter trend! These specially designed bikes use wide, “fat” tires that allow you to ride on surfaces that stop a road- or a mountain-bike cold! By lowering the air pressure of your fat tires, you can even ride on the snow!

It’s an absolute blast. Not convinced? Check out these reasons to fatbike!



Sure, biking is great exercise – but fatbiking is even better for you! Riding a fatbike in soft snow conditions can burn up to 1500 calories in an hour. That’s more than some people burn in a single day! It’s possible to go quite fast, but you have to EARN that speed on the snow, which means that a single day on the snow will give you a ton of health benefits! But don’t worry, because…



High impact cardio exercises like running require a lot of recovery time. Because fatbikes are low impact, you can recover from a workout in record time! That means you can hit the trails the very next day!



Sometimes, competitive sports come with an intimidating atmosphere; if you’re not there to win, what are you even doing? Not so with the fatbikes community! The fact that it’s a fairly young sport means that those who love it love to get new people addicted to the sport! Hit the trails at Winter Park and you might just meet your new best friend!  

Are you convinced? Whether you’re shopping for a brand new fatbike now, or just looking to rent, Winter Park is the best place to get started with winter biking. And if you’re visiting Winter Park, you should book a room at The Best Western Alpenglo Lodge. With comfort and value that beats anything at Winter Park Resort, your best stay is with Best Western! 

posted by: Best Western Alpenglo Lodge on: September 27, 2017
The best place to stay in Winter Park Colorado!

WINTER IS COMING. In Game of Thrones, that sounded threatening. In Winter Park, Colorado, that sentence is SO EXCITING. One of Colorado’s premier ski locations, Winter Park is fun the whole year around, but we wouldn’t be called WINTER PARK if we weren’t looking forward to snow! Get ready to come on up and get your ski or board on!



Like the calm before the storm, the moment of anticipation before everything changes, the Winter Park Ski and Board Swap is the best way to get set up for the winter. Returning to Winter Park for its 33rd year, the Ski and Board Swap is the ideal way to get kitted out for the upcoming season. Come on October 13 for a special “Sneak Peak” night for only $5, or come for free on October 14! Either way, this your chance to get started with skiing or snowboarding, or upgrade your gear, for cheap. Bring the whole family, try on some winter jackets, and enjoy a hot cider!



Winter Park officially opens on November 15, 201 and we couldn't be more excited. Do not miss out!



A relatively new tradition in Winter Park, the Holiday Market is two days that will fill you with holiday spirit!  Taking place on November 25 and 26, Winter Park resort fills with vendors selling goods and holiday treats that will warm your hands and belly, this is the perfect complement to a day on the slopes! Even better, come on the 25th for the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree.

When you are searching for places to stay at Winter Park, choose affordable luxury by booking a room at the Best Western Alpenglo Lodge. Featuring unbeatable prices in a central location, you can also enjoy our 14 person hot tub after a long day of shredding powder! Reserve your room today

Winter Park Music Festival 2016  

Enjoy some family-friendly rock n’ roll featuring the works of rock legends, Bret Michael and Dee Snider along with local talent, The Rich Lewis Project! Happening on August, 26th
Winter Park Music festival is a way to say thank-you to our locals and tourists by hosting a FREE half-day concert for all ages. This is a to-be annual event but the line-up will change each coming year so don’t miss a chance to see the lead singers from Poison and Twisted Sisters live in action! Not only is the music great but the Winter Park Music festival also provides delicious and one-of-a-kind food trucks and beverage stands that will make your mouth water (if it isn’t already from the sunshine). Many sponsors make this event possible including Fox Radio who will be broadcasting on-site giving out fun prizes and shout outs to attendees!  


Lucky for us here at Best Western Alpenglo Lodge, we’re only an 8 minute walk away from Hideaway Park, an old historic sit in Winter Park, Colorado, where this fun filled event is hosted so there’s no need to worry about taxis or shuttles. Our concierge at the front desk would be happy to provide you with a map and directions. The Best Western Alpenglo Lodge hopes this attraction compliments your stay in beautiful Winter Park, Colorado as we encourage you to visit time and time again!   


Be sure to check out our Packages and Specials to find the best deals available and don’t forget that every booking in advance receives a special 10% off! The Best Western Alpenglo Lodge prides our self in customer satisfaction and we plan on going above and beyond for each guest. If there are any questions or concerns about your visit, don’t hesitate to contact our team.


We’re sure that you’re already pretty excited for your trip to Winter Park, but if for some strange reason you’re not, then we’re here to tell you all the awesome things that await you during your visit. And spoiler alert: you’re going to have a pretty awesome time. 

skiing man

The Slopes

Oh, did you not realise that we like to ski around here? Well, we do, and it’s more than a passing crush: we LOVE to ski. Take our free transport to Winter Park Resort and you’ll have several thousand acres worth of mountain to carve with your skis. There’s 25 ski lifts in total, and more runs than you can shake a stick at. Which is a roundabout way of saying that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be getting bored of skiing anytime soon!

Winter Joys

Now, skiing’s pretty great, but it’s not the only thing that makes winter fun. In Winter Park, you can also try your hand at the other seasonal delights, such as snowmobiling or ice skating (falling over comes free!). And if you want to get those leg muscles working, try your hand at snowshoeing - you’ll have fun, we promise, but you’ll also be looking forward to seeing your comfortable lodge bed again.

Food and Drink

After all the activity of the day, you’ll be pretty pleased to know that you’ll have dozens of restaurants and bars within close distance of your room. Enjoying a few drinks and a slap up meal with friends and family is almost as good as skiing. Hey, we said almost…

For affordable accommdations for your last minute skiing holiday? Book your stay at the Best Western Alpenglo Lodge and you’ll be ideally situated to enjoy all this beautiful part of Winter Park, Colorado has to offer, as well as amenities that include a complimentary breakfast, hot tub (especially perfect after a day on the slopes!), and a FREE shuttle to Winter Park Resort.